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Electric Bus

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Gulliver Bus

It makes now more than 20 years since TECNOBUS started its activity dealing only and exclusively with the design, manufacture and production of different versions of electric buses intended for urban public transport and which are never and in no case derived from any conventional type vehicle.
Throughout these years, our buses have made themselves widely appreciated and have been used as a necessary and valid alternative to the conventional thermal engine vehicles which, although latest generation type and, as such, manufactured pursuant to the prescriptions required to minimize emissions, are nonetheless much polluting and have a negative impact on the already worsened environmental conditions of our towns.
TECNOBUS has recently designed, developed and completed a complex and fruitful number of innovations specifically intended for urban public transport thus widening and diversifying its bus product line.
A total number of approximately 600 bus units have so far been manufactured which have largely contributed to an extended innovation of the urban transport sector through the research and development, in view of a wide-scale application, of the technologies making possible the production of zero-emission ecologic vehicles (electrically powered and/or even thanks to alternative and renewable energy sources).

Electric Gulliver

Through a constant and meticulous research, in an intent of identifying and making available to our Clients additional solutions, as valid and reliable alternatives, at least to the same extent as the products already available, our Company has worked on the design and production of further highly innovative versions.


Fortified by the excellent driving range results already obtained by our vehicles in the base version equipped with acid lead batteries, TECNOBUS has further differentiated its bus models so as to offer its clients quite a number of alternatives. Actually, such fundamental parameter can be considered as almost unlimited, even in practical terms, during the bus daily service, thanks to the exclusive battery pack replacement system which makes that one operator can very easily replace the empty batteries in a matter of just a few minutes and without any special tool other than a transpallet, even the manual type.

batterie autobus

Our technicians have tested a new and additional electric bus version, equipped with high technology batteries. Such specific model, clearly a zero-emission one, has been in regular urban service for over six years now in several European towns and is giving TECNOBUS excellent results.

Electri Bus

This specific bus version can cover far beyond 130 km during a daily duty service, which operation range is not compromised even when using the latest generation and much efficient air conditioning system . Once again, it has been a new and crucial success which, apart from the benefits of extraordinary driving range qualities, has come to confirm its very high reliability during the daily duty service .

Corroborated by the excellent performances of this bus version, TECNOBUS has made the decision to take part, with great enthusiasm, in an important project in Canada. Our GULLIVER bus has been commissioned for operation in an important Canadian–based public transit company, as part of a wider range urban transport demonstration programme, with much gratifying results. In fact, despite the severe winter climatic conditions, typical of some of these areas, our minibus has given excellent results in terms of performance.


Bus TecnobusTECNOBUS, greatly encouraged and gratified by the large success our vehicles have obtained and by the large number of bus units so far produced and sold, which makes us a most representative electric bus manufacturer, channelled the experience acquired into the research and development activities . Thanks to these efforts, a new GULLIVER model has been obtained with same high reliability and more appropriate for more demanding duty cycles. In fact, TECNOBUS, keeping unaltered the bus original external dimensions and using high-tech battery modules, has been able to homologate a GULLIVER version with a different internal lay-out and with a higher capacity of 31 total passengers, by far the highest number of passengers carried for a bus of such size.

This new version, available for delivery starting from the second half of 2007, shall be further personalized and also characterized by a carefully stylized new face with new and modern conception optical groups .
The new internal lay-out has been made more functional with the installation of tip-up seats, new and different position of the handrails – all of which thoroughly redesigned -, the installation of an additional transparent roof hatch, the use of new ad hoc panels made of extra light materials that lend the bus an air of continuity and depth, while minimizing the total space occupied in an effort to offer our clients and users improved comfort and liveability thanks to the rational use of the available internal space.

All these innovations and additions, combined with the already well-known qualities of flexibility and manoeuvrability of our product, will no doubt help making our GULLIVER the electric bus most widespread and appreciated by the European-based transit Companies.

Hybrid Gulliver

Based on the well-established and reliable base version of our electric bus, we have launched a wide range of products, regularly homologated and marketed, and characterized by different, additional, versions with a driving range enabling our buses to perform a duty cycle perfectly comparable to those required and expected from conventional diesel buses.

In this spirit, TECNOBUS engineers have figured out, developed and produced hybrid vehicles where a higher range and improved performance could be reached through different applications, among which the widely tested and largely used version equipped with a generator formed by a conventional engine working at fixed regime. This motor can recharge batteries even with the bus running thus allowing for a more extended driving range as may be required by the specific bus duty cycle.

Such version allows the bus to be used, if necessary, always and in any case even in its pure electric configuration with the original characteristics and performances of the base electric vehicle left unaltered.

Ministro per l'ambiente Pecoraro Scanio


We are proud to have achieved, from several years now thanks to an agreement with a very important Canadian company – HYDROGENICS – the remarkable result of putting into operation several hybrid GULLIVER buses equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell module.

Such versions (certified - by the German TÜV - for passengers transport) are already operational in Germany, in Cologne airport and Dusseldorf

The demand for further such highly innovating bus units has recently also come from Spain (Soria), Bruxelles and Slovenia . Last but not least, we have received an order for a first such bus unit to be finally used also in Italy.

Bus a celle di combustibile modello Tecnobus Gulliver

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